For your convenience, Irvine Dental Group has provided our patient forms online. We invite you to print and fill them out prior to your appointment with Drs. Don Niu, Alexander Yuen, Jason Wong, and Calvin Dang. This can streamline your experience at our practice, saving you time and allowing our dentists to provide more efficient service. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our specialty dental office in Irvine, California, at 949-551-8877.

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ATD Form
Welcome Letter
Contact Information Form
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
Acknowledgement of receipt of privacy practices
After Root Canal Treatment Instructions
Foods to Avoid during Ortho Tx
Ortho NP Form Adult
Ortho NP Form Child
Pre-Surgical Appt Letter
Post Operation Care Following Extractions and Oral Surgery
Transfer of Record
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