Activate Your Oral Health Care Shine with Zoom! Whitening Treatments

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Activate your oral health care shine with Zoom! whitening treatments. With the help of a professional treatment such as Zoom!, your teeth will be brighter and whiter than ever before. Zoom! whitening can even reverse damaging stains and discolorations caused by aging. For a more detailed list of what Zoom! can offer, see below:

– Zoom! whitening kits work by applying gels that feature hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for less than an hour. When the gels are activated by a specialized light source, the materials can go to work cleaning and caring for your teeth and removing deep stains and discolorations.
– Zoom! whitening kits can even be given by your dentist for at-home touch-ups.
– Zoom! dentistry will not protect your teeth from future stains, so begin avoiding harmful staining products that seek to discolor your smile once more. This includes many varieties of tea, coffee, sodas, wine, juices, beets, tobacco, and soft drinks.
– A standard professional Zoom! whitening treatment will only take an hour at your dentist office but it can drastically improve the color of your smile.

If you would like Dr. Don Niu and our team at Irvine Dental Group to bring you in for an oral exam to determine if Zoom! whitening is right for you, please contact our dentist office in Irvine, California, by calling us at 949-551-8877. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!