Dental Contouring Might Help Prevent Further Dental Attrition

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Changes in the structure of your mouth and the alignment of your teeth can occur as you age. It might also be attributed to a missing tooth that wasn’t restored in a reasonable amount of time. As the deviation in your dentition continues to progress it can cause one tooth to rub unnaturally on another leading to problems with dental attrition.

As the aberrations in the tooth enamel progress, the area could possibly collect bacterial deposits contributing the tooth decay. At the same time the compromised dental structure could make the tooth more prone to suffering a severe dental fracture.

With early detection our dentist might be able to minimize the relationship between the two teeth by performing a dental contouring treatment. This involves making minor edits to the tooth enamel on the biting surface of the offending tooth. This will decrease the relationship between the two teeth without affecting their basic function.

If our dentist feels it is necessary we might also advise orthodontic measures to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth.

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